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Spring Summer 2016
Spring Summer 2016

Feat - Quando l'errore diventa moda.

Feat Fall Winter '17 '18
Spring Summer 2017

Designed and styled with Feat.

Feat Fall-Winter '15/'16
Feat handmade t-shirts winter 2012
Alan and Francesca


Feat is a brand born from a passion for art and fashion that unites the destinies of two young designers , Alessia Ait and Fabio Di Biagio . They come from two different cities but driven by the same determination, leave their native places to move to the great Rome with the intention and desire to turn a passion into art. In IED Rome they approach each other and appreciate, finding an important feeling at very first sight .

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Futuro errore attendibile.

Video Alan Cappelli Goetz and Francesca Valtorta
Spring Summer 2013
Summer Spring 2014
Feat Fall-Winter '13/'14
Spring Summer 2015
Feat Fall-Winter '13/'14

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